The Power Of The Food Tree

 "Last year I lost my 27 extra lbs just like that, and they are staying off. This is one easy program!"
- Alla Shtilvasser 

Terry Hutchinson - Before

 "My knees were killing me. I tried several other programs but none of them stuck. Now I can walk, even run. I have great energy, feel incredible and can't stop smiling."
- Terry Hutchins 


Creighton Family Before


  "Honey, we shrank the family! The Food Tree made us lighter and healthier by some 120 lbs. Thank you, Dr. Elvebakk!" - The Creighton family.  

Midwife Deborah Simone

 My name is Deborah Simone. I am a midwife in the Bay Area. I came to Dr Elvebakk in 2000. I lost 30 lbs and got rid of my chronic knee pain.

In a flash I saw what The Food Tree could do. I have kept my own weight off without problems. I also pinched the program for my obstetric patients. Since then I have not seen a single case of gestational diabetes, and only one big baby, that of a medical doctor who refused to do the Food Tree and chose to manage her own nutrition!

The Food Tree is straightforward science, and very easy to do. It has changed my life and that of my patients. It also has changed the life of my partner, who lost 25 lbs by association!

As a health professional, I know this information can reverse the obesity epidemic. We need to make it available to everyone. 

Our Athlete Program

Ken Newman, actor and triathlete.

 "I'm 53 years old and beating the 20 year olds. The Food Tree turned me into an amazing winner. I love you Dr Elvebakk!"